2001 – Requiem for the tears of Bohemians (Bosnian) – (German)

Cycles of 90 poetical radio-phonic miniatures “Requiem for the tears of Bohemians” is a sonic and poetic flow of thoughts where semantic sameness is conceptualized. At the same time it is a minimalist insight into detailed brightness of poets experience of his environment, topics that are occupying him and messages that have not been written, but more protruding from the space between the lines, messages that are remarked by incompleteness which represents anchors of the memories and opens the doors for the contemplation of listeners in order to inspire them to explore their own imagination and intuition. Poetical incompleteness is intentional and in a electro-acoustic sense, composition of sounds is aiming to present emotional stands and internal processes inside which poetry has been created.

2008 – Three Warlocks

Cycles of  44 poetical radio miniatures named “Three Warlocks” is a collection of radio-phonic miniatures where brunt of the artistic intervention is on sound concepts and electro-acoustic composition of concrete sounds. Architecture of the sound has tendency to create various acoustic situations in order to lead the listeners into the intuitive spaces of acousmatic artistic expression and by that strengthen the intuitive dimension of the poetry.

2010 – Around our necks remained the grip of wars

Cycles of radio-poetical essays “Around our necks remained a grip of wars” is an sonic and poetic flow of thoughts where brunt of the artistic intervention is placed on designing of the metaphor of the content. Author is artificially closed into his own world, by describing the substance, he is describing the environment. Environment that surrounds him and that he is rejecting. He is taking revenge because this environment has rejected him. Author sinks in his search for reasons of that rejection. Memories, injustices, conscience, insults… lead him to the indifference towards the environment and towards himself, his revenge does not hurt him, it does not hurt the environment. That revenge stays like a fence and a symbol of demarcation, symbol in which does not exist space for forgiveness, no pursuing, no adopting, no struggle, no integration. There is only rejection, wastage, mutual blackmail by denial of the self, as author to his environment so the environment to the author. In a complex this cycles is an attempt of metaphoric presentation of the relation between Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.