2003 – Pressure of the silence

Clockwork of the day life, circumstances that lead to “big bang”, no one cares, no one understands, no one controls emotions, no one hears the other.

2009 – Sarajevo defends Walter

Radio drama “Sarajevo defends Walter” opens and in a way deconstruct several scientific hypotheses and by that creates an “impossible” connection between areas or disciplines of radio, psychology and social communication systems. Radio drama is looking for answer on the question. What would happen if the world would hear my thoughts? Listeners are getting an insight into an imaginative system of the communication where main actor is getting the role of the transmitter of thoughts.

2008 – The Day of Warning

Workers, Trade Unions, capitalists, liberal economy agitators, radio and something that seams to look like a failed social dialog. Future. Outcome of the last radio communication between voices of workers and capitalists. Final breakdown of the financial world order. Facts, art of demonstrating. Arguments. Disaster. New beginning. All that is based on statistical facts and never occurred events. All that and much more is “Day of Warning”.

2010 – Rumors about …

2013 – One for all against One

“One for all against One” is one pseudo-philosophical deconstruction of profound cultural processes. Project is poetically redefining (g)lokal dimension and understanding of the culturally stereotyped „essence“ of terms like: ignorance, childism, uninlightment, honesty, rashness, injustice, stupidity, alternative, power, consequence, loneliness, measures, revenge, forlornness… 

2015 – The crumb

2017 – The sun is always in the darkness