2004 – Shelajgam

Story of Shelajgam is an experimental radio narration where author is telling the story only by soundscapes, electro-acoustic sound compositions and dramatization. Without  voice.

2004 – Shermisana

Story of Shermisana is an experimental radio narration. An apocalyptic situation. At the end of the world, devil leave two woman alive in order to tempt their love to each other. A specific love. Love that is generated out of nothing, or out of circumstances “of life” that naturally have nothing to do with the extension of the human race… Two woman with one task, to find love for the sake of love…

2005 – “The Emperor is naked”

Satiric adaptation of the famous fairy tale “The Emperor's New Clothes” settled in a brand new context. Story that criticize – by capitalism created – brand new social relations between hungry people, trough vanity blinded politicians and socially blinded artists.

2005 – “Gulanfer's Travels”

Satiric adaptation of the famous fairy tale “Gulliver's Travels” settled in a new context. This adaptation deals with a great problem of the post-war society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dayton Peace Agreement was signed and Annex 7 of that Agreement foresees that all refugees return back home. This adaptation is questioning sensitivity of the relation between people who stayed and people who escaped. System of valuation of something like “respect” is highly influenced by this one particular fact or question, who was where, during the war? This is the story about the wall and consequences of the wall between those who where refugees and those who never had that experience.

2005 – “Fox and the stork”

Satiric adaptation of the famous fairy tale about the “fox and the stork” settled in the context of the Sarajevo day life. This adaptation plays with social tendencies present in the micro-world of gossips. Gossip is accepted as an specific sub-cultural reality which is characteristic for coloratura of Sarajevo. Gossip and its purpose is opening the dimension for defining of public relations. Gossip is an impulse that opens space for the answer in a same manner. Gossiping is creating its own context and can be used for the defining of interpersonal relations. If transported, these interpersonal relations can be considered as basis of the social life. This kind of the society can be defined as a society founded on the vanity.

2005 – Ours and theirs

“Ours and theirs” is a short radio drama that plays with identities, aiming to present and trivialize the substance of one average news story that is repeating in Bosnian media reality constantly. Matrix of the substance stays the same, only identities change. What happens when substantives get the places of identities.

2007 – “Every man is an island” (German) AUDIO

2007 – “Every man is an island” (Bosnian)

2008 – The homeless of Paris

2008 – The voicelessness of Weimar

2008 – The ground of freedom

2008 – Portrait of your soul

2008 – Mr Chaos

2008 – The wife

2009 – Fissuration report

Fissuration report is a innovative format for radio reporting, format that represents subjective reflection of the social perception. Space outside which is generated the expression between the perception of the influence of the surroundings and the emotion that is created by the influence of the surrounding inside the author. Point of view is not based on scientifically provable facts, point of view is based on the subjectivity of author. Fissuration report reflects in auditive sense medial environment and, psychological stand in which author is creating.

2010 – Chronicle of the darkness

Project alternately includes news paper headlines from two rubrics of one newspaper that in Bosnia and Herzegovina is published on daily basis. The Black chronic and Actualities. In the sonic sense difference is notable only because headlines from the black chronicle are whispered and the headlines from the rubric actualities are spoken in OFF. The difference of the content is almost not existing. Project aims to represent the darkness of the actuality.

2011 – City of equality

2011 – Touches of the interior distances (German)

2011 – Touches of the interior distances (Bosnian)

A creation that speaks about the causes and internal states that are leading to the creation, a radio essay by which author opens doors of  self-understanding of his own inside reality, humanity, art, lies, ethics… and gives to the listener an insight into the universe that is existing inside the author.

2011 – Radio DEMONstrations

Paroles conceptualized and contextualized for contemporaneity of the time, space, gravity of social relations and harmony of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2012 – Curses of our days

Sound installation is in fact a collection of curses found in literature and used mostly in Balkans. From the most known curses from the ancient times until today, people curse and curses become somehow day life.

2012 – Thoughts of transmitter

Three stories, told in one voice. Short sentences that are opening the way for three flows of thoughts, each thought is by deconstruction, separated from the context and represent ex-courses within an discourse. At the end, listeners can – while they are caching fragments of specific flow of thoughts – get some kind of idea on what is holistically going on. At the same time everybody will very hardly be able to say what is the content of each separate story. To hear all and not to know anything.

2012 – Before the dream

2012 – Poetic sound walk – Sarajevo (Multilingual)

Sonic walk trough Sarajevo sets the listener into the realistic hearing field of the person that walks trough the streets of Sarajevo. Person that has surrealistic sonic and poetic perception of his environment. This surrealistic perception is added to the overall soundscape of Sarajevo by spoken words and concrete sounds compositions.