State out of order (Audio)

State out of order (Audio)

Authors and performers team: Adela Jušić, Armina Pilav, Andreja Dugandžić, Boriša Mraović, Danijela Dugandžić, Ines Tanović Sijerčić, Aleksandar Brezar, Haris Sahačić

Photo by: Zoran Kanlić
Music track 1 – B2 Melosprodukt Neću na liniju (ft. Nulti prioritet)
Music track 2 – Symphony of factory sirens by Arseny Avraamov
Recorded and edited: Haris Sahačić
Produced by: Association for Culture and Art CRVENA Sarajevo 2016
Financially and operationally supported by BUNKER Ljubljana


Instability and insecurity seem to be among the unifying features of the contemporary human experience. With Naomi Klein’s doctrine of shock in mind, we can argue that the »state of emergency« has extended from the post-catastrophe reordering of political mythologies and power relations to an understanding that conditions characterizing the present state of affairs are different in nature, feeding upon a more general development of the world community. One way to characterize this is the erosion of the social orders that were traditionally established as national/state orders.

Though the nation-state remains the dominant structure, states are being exposed as increasingly helpless in sustaining order, and populations and individuals find themselves in situations where maintaining social relations becomes something established precariously, in a manner necessarily fluid. In the covert lecture, using various methods, we examine the possible and counterintuitive ways in which social ordering may appear, and how it can be made into a force of change and emancipation, and thus a substitute for conservatism and oppression which have been articulated as parameters of the current dominant answer to global challenges.