2010 – Sound Mural

In the beginning it was an free hand drawing of in accordance to the mood of the painter oscillating lines, lines shaped circles, circles become borders and borders shaped labyrinth. Every border got color in accordance to the spectrum of the rainbow. By mathematical calculation colors become sounds. Project is an sonic presentation of how the painted labyrinth sounds.

2011 – Insectospheric

Electro-acoustic sound composition that sets the listeners into the sonic wold of ants. What ants hear hear also the listener. Same perspective, same feeling.

2011 – Friendly football-game

Electro-acoustic sound installation created during the football fans street fight, composition of sounds that sound similar, have same physical characteristics but also have opposite meaning and opposite sources, The river, people and cars sound like a white noise in the soundscape, sound of birds, sound of police whistle, sound of stones hitting into the metal plates, sound of car ties… fuse and create an composition. Some people hear police whistle, some people hear birds…

2013 – Sound cards from „Kazani, Skakavac…“

Sonic-card is Sound-post-card. An attempt to represent as much as possible realistic the specific real acoustic situation. Electro-acoustic sound composition that sets the listeners into the sonic wold of ants. What ants hear hear also the listener. Same perspective, same feeling.

2014 – The Agony

„Agony“ as feeling, subjective in its very own spirit, present as in sub- but also in conscience as well. In one close correlation with human cognition and self-understanding. In one correlation with collectivistic thought. Conceptual, contextual, individual.

2015 – Architecture of time – Okinawa Warriors Sound-Performance – Hvar

Noise- & DJ- & Radioartist mix LIVE Performance (Hrvoslava Brkusic & Mieko Suzuki & Haris Sahacic) on island of Hvar in Croatia.

2015 – Island of sonic imagination

One acoustical event mixed by Haris Sahačić and microphonized by 14 microphones thanks to Schneider TM, Alyssa Moxley, Antonino Pedone, Krysia Kordecki, Nenad Kovačić, Ksenija Ladić, Toni Dimitrov, Anna Bogner, Suzuki Mieko, Tit Podobnik, Hrvoslava Brkušić and Boris Vidošević and Vilma Vodanović.

2015 – Voicing sound performance

This is an acoustic performance created out of particles of an recorded session that was organized in Sarajevo at the “co-voicing” workshop of Irena Tomazin.

2016 – Peace to you – Part of our Dada Sound project

Papst Franziskus visit to Sarajevo was definitely „the event“ of the year 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Security measures where on the highest possible level and all together created a specific atmosphere in the town that remembers sounds of war very well. This field recording is one collage of sounds that are conceptually symbolizing social and political events of the past of this particular place. To me it was one – probably unwanted – public sound event with one conceptual message.

2016 – Sarajevo Album – ACTOPOLIS

Sound composition that was composed to be a dynamical canvas for a creation of the visual representation of the project Sarajevo album.

2016 – Prettiest train – Cities and Memories Project

“It is a collective spirit that makes this sound event truth. I decided to distinguish all the sound sources and to „clean“ them out without changing the length of the recording or touching any bit of the tempo and the perfect rhythm. I believe that any change on this recording would just damage the impression of the truth. It is a document. So I just created one small difference between the leading voice and the chorus. In order to headline the rhythm I also isolated the sound of shovels.

2017 – The Architecture of Metaphony

Sound composition generated by algorithm of blood pressure and heart beats measurements.

2017 – City of Sounds

Acousmatic composition City of sounds is one presentation of sounds that where collected during the previous phase of the realization of the project ACTOPOLIS.

Participating cities sent the sounds recordings and Haris Sahačić created this soundscape performance set that is exhibited in premises of the Historical museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina as one 5.1 sound installation. This is just the stereo mix-down.

2017 – Geosonic Horizons

The mountain heights around us are oscillating. The horizons are overlapping like amplitude values in an sound composition. From point to point the amplitude of the mountain heights determines our vision of the distances. The experiment “Geosonic horizons” is an electro-acoustic essay. The goal is an auditory representation of mountain ranges that lie around Sarajevo. The experiment “Geosonic horizons” is primarily an artistic project which because of the accuracy and authenticity uses scientific standards, measurements, data and logical calculations. It is a mathematical game with geodesic values that leads into the world of the physical processing of sound.

2017 – Gravity of sound

Ten sound recordings of defected mechanical clockworks set in the sound system “The gravity of sound” artistically examine whether harmony and rhythmical harmonics are actually an individual matter?

“Listening of the defected clocks and their disharmonious work, made me notice the rhythmical shapes and patterns that only momentarily met and then disappeared again. After I have listened the recordings for second or third time, I noticed that on same places these short rhythmical encounters were no longer there.”

2017 – Hello all stations, this is 0, impose radio silence

It is one sonic illustration of historical events that took place in the telephone ether of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period 1991- 1992. Author erased all the names, places, and any identifying fact from telephone conversations, all what this installation is illustrating is how main actors really reacted to anarchy.