Love and kisses – 88 (Audio)



According to the “92 Code” adopted by the Western Union in 1859 as numerical code system for various frequently used phrases, number 88 stands for message “Love and kisses”. This code is still used by some radio amateurs and it still represent polite closure of some message.

Composition »Love and kisses« consists out of:

  1. a) silence
  2. b) message that consist out of two sound particles:
  3. Sound of grounding (As a mark for the beginning of the composition)
  4. Soundscape of the electromagnetic field around the radio transmitter that I have recorded inside the Old electric plant of Ljubljana in Slovenia earlier this year. I used electrosluch that enabled me to hear and record the sonic events inside the electromagnetic field around the local radio transmitter.

4'33” is about about silence. Conceptualized silence.  Inside 4'33” as time-frame I calculated one particular place where I placed the message “love and kisses” as Morse code sequence made out of sound particle that I recorded around the radio transmitter.


4 min x 60 sec = 240 sec + 33 sec = 273 sec x 1000 = 273000 ms / 88 (symbol) = 3102 (number) x 60 sec = 186120 ms = 03:06 (place inside 04:33)

Later I mastered every single dot and dash on separate track.