Quintessence as public space







It is a canvas that cannot be affected or changed, it is there, just like human consciousness, relative, infinite.


This – by scientifically “proven” facts inspired – radio performance aims to create one perspective on quintessence as public good and at the same time to creatively find the best possible simplification of present “momentum” that is “going on” between one of pre-time-science un/known natural law and/or logical natural structure and/or belief and humans as cognizant figures that are existing inside that structure. It is the story on contemporary intersection of two major infinities, quintessence and conscience. A story based on outputs of journalistic research on present narratives of physics, medicine, law and economy of the technology.

The research itself is focusing on invisible but very sensible and measurable element of nature that space, humans, including their communication is consisting of. The fact that quintessence is infinite, must not mean that we, the people are allowed to exploit it infinitely. Physics and psychology are slowly but surely proving this. What is economically essential for profit, can be psychologically unacceptable, or what is legally defined, must not be in accordance to the technological development.

How does urban noise and pollution by infra-sound that is integrated in this noise, reflects on human nervous system, on plants and on animals’ navigation? Wireless routers overlap each other frequencies and can be easily disturbed by drones. How long they will technically, psychologically, economically, legally coexist? Radio and TV broadcasters are using digital transmission and analogue transmission is easily pulled out, where? Why public communications are pushed into the “economical”, “legal”, “political”, “informational”, and logical dependency on internet providers and their technology, how democratic is that? The industry of communication technology is developing and creating more and more public communication systems in order to justify itself as economy, is this “economy” poisoning or healing human conscience? How many levels of wireless interactions exist in one square meter of the public space?

This – by scientifically “proven” facts – inspired radio performance artistically tends to be one simplified reflection of the infinite self-destruction of humans by their own infinite exploitation of themselves as infinite sources of profit-, information- and energy exchange.

“Quintessence as public space” is one exploration that faces the most universal and most present element of nature and takes its perspective in order to create one new narrative on present interaction between ether and humans. Humans debated and defined this space even in the pre-science age. Today, in 2017 humanity developed communication systems and overwebed the planet earth with signals and electronic impulses on different levels of the frequency spectrum.  There are international legal rules and regulations for using of frequencies, but is frequency really a measure of this space? Who owns the quintessence, legally and economically? How much and for how long humans can exploit the ether? What are medical consequences?

There are numerous aspects of the wireless signal transmission and its legal, economic, cultural, spatial and medical effects that need to be questioned. This particular exploration is in fact questioning the role of “uncontrolled” public space on technologically “controlled” culture.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowka-Curie grant agreement n°734855.

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