• Bauhaus-University Weimar

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), Media Design
    2007 – 2011

    Theoretical studies

    – Media culture studies

    Esthetic Information in Art, Film and critical analysis, Marketing and Media

    – European media culture studies

    Cosmopolitism and Cosmographies.

    Practical studies

    – Electro-acoustic sound composition (Computer Sounds);

    – Experimental Radio (Radio production, radio formats and open radio atelier);

    – Interface Design (Installation and Human-Computer Interaction);


  • Bundeshandelsschule Voelkermakt – Austria

    Office Administrator, Office Management/Administration, 4
    1994 – 1997

    High School of Business Administration and Commerce in Austria

    High school that provides basic knowledge in economy, accountancy, business correspondence literacy and practical experiences related to office daily life in an business environment,


  • International Committee for Development of People from Italy – CISP

    • Youth Policy at local level
    • Youth Voluntarism, Activism and Youth Work
    • Social and Health Protection
    • Youth Inclusion and Participation in Public and Political life
    • Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship
    • Young People and Education
    • Youth Policy Structures
    • Youth Policy Standards and Priorities
    • Youth Policy Design Process
  • International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

    • Labour Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Tripartite Dialogue
    • Role of Trade Unions in Social Dialogue in South-East Europe
  • Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

    • Media Culture for Media Designer
    • The Good Movie
    • Basics of Marketing
    • On Air – Radio Journalism
    • Radio Mundo II – Open Radio Atelier
    • Sounds of Computer
    • Sparkling in Social Noise
    • Radio Station Formats
    • Basics of Bauhaus Design
    • Mental Radio – Installation and Interaction
    • European Media Culture II
    • Making Radio
  • Association for Culture and Art – CRVENA

    • Sound Workshop – LISTENING
    • Co-voicing workshop with Irena Tomazin
    • Sustainable Product Development – Training for NGO's
    • AudioWorkshop Architecture and Time


  • Improving the Conditions of Children and Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    January 2004 – October 2008

    Programme “Improving the conditions of children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina” financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy – Italian Cooperation and implemented by the Temporary Association of five Italian NGOs, CISP as the leading agency, CESVI, COSV, Intersos and Movimondo. The overall objective of the Programme has focused on empowering young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to involve them into the socio-economic life of the country and promote their role as active citizens in regard to the on-going stabilization and democratization process. Besides other specific objective, the Programme aimed at reinforcing capacity building of institutions, both at local and central level and at promoting social and youth policies.

    The Municipalities involved in the Programme are Breza, Bugojno, Busovača, Čajniče, Donji Vakuf, Fojnica, Goražde, Gradiška, Jajce, Kalesija, Kalinovik, Kotor Varoš, Kupres, Lopare, Milići, Mrkonjić Grad, Nevesinje, Novi Travnik, Osmaci, Prozor Rama, Sanski Most, Šekovići, Šipovo, Sokolac, Teslić, Ugljevik, Vareš, Višegrad, Vitez, Žepče.

    Team members:
    • Haris Sahacic,
    • Maria Alessandra Verienti – Bertone,
    • Antonio Mosca,
    • Claudio Chiapparini,
    • Maher Al Osta,
    • Rukija Omerovic,
    • Aida Isic,
    • Alma Al Osta,
    • Biljana Sredic
  • Radio Squared

    November 2004 – June 2005

    Participants in this tree-national pilot project were primarily students from various areas of concentration involved in local radio projects. The four corners of the square in which the project was situated were as follows: historical consideration; the media- and radio-policy dimension; intercultural exchange; partnerships and networking. In the first phase of the project in Erfurt, attention centered around a discussion of common standards of quality in journalistic work. In Limoges, on the other hand – and particularly following the visit to the memorial in Oradour-sur-Glane – the group assigned an important role to the concrete experience of war, and to ways of dealing with war guilt. In Sarajevo, there was a great deal of discussion about the history and current situation of Sarajevo, for instance through meetings with former combatants and representatives of EUFOR. In each phase of the exchange, the young people worked together in trilingual teams to produce a trilingual radio show. These productions were broadcast by participating radio stations.

    Team members:
    • Haris Sahacic,
    • Nermin Aganović,
    • Ajdin Husić,
    • Jasmina Gafić,
    • Carsten Rose,
    • Cyprian Rose,
    • Maja Pirolić,
    • Roman Ivanković,
    • Bojana Batinić,
    • Tamara Ivanković,
    • Felix Weiss
  • City of Equality

    Starting January 2011 – January 2012

    The “City of Equality – Gender equality at the local level” aims to improve equality between men and women modeled on the European Charter on gender policies at the local level.

    Activities of the project tend to establish an working group composed of project staff, collaborators on the project , representatives of local governments, and project partners in order to design the research methodology, action plan and comparative study of gender politics at the local level, develop training program, build network of relevant actors and implement advocacy campaign.

    Team members:
    • Haris Sahacic,
    • Valentina Pellizzer,
    • Memnuna Zvizdić,
    • Saša Madacki,
    • Danijela Dugandzic,
    • Elvira Jahić,
    • Dina Duraković – Morankić,
    • Midhat Izmirlija,
    • Lejla Somun – Krupalija
  • Cityology

    October 2013 – May 2014

    Cityology is a trans-disciplinary research and activist program whose primary object of interest is urban area of Sarajevo, its residents, its unrealized and hidden potential. Cityology examines and discusses the meaning, function and relationship of public and common spaces in the city, the political role of space and establishes a platform through which public will be able to critically interrogate the role of citizens, professionals, administrative authorities and professional bodies in defining objectives, parameters and dynamics urban Development.

    Team members:
  • Invisibles in Space

    September 2014 – January 2015

    Administrative assistance

    Team members:
  • Cityology 3.0

    Starting March 2015 – December 2015

    Cityology 3.0 is an continuation of the already mentioned project Cityology that aims the establishment of the a broader research and information platform for multidisciplinary contemplation and treatment of new urban questions and public questioning of the creative, resource, critical and political dimension of the space. This time I am the coordinator of the project.

    Team members:
  • Towards commons in the cities

    Starting April 2015 – April 2016

    With this project we aim at building foundations for a sustained and effective participation of citizens in the process of urban development. Project activities will revolve through two elaborate actions: 1) The Urban watch will consist of a continual engagement in the process of planning through formally available mechanisms and the periodical reporting on most important developments with an aim to inform public and put the whole process under public radar, 2) Neighborhood days will consist of repeated public gatherings in 4 Sarajevo neighborhoods with an aim to construct a common sphere which should serve as a counter force to the ones expressed as corporate interests and political domination. If successful, the project will broaden the knowledge base and enhance the democratic capacity of local communities to take part as important actors in the city governance.

    Team members:
  • City Syndicate

    Starting March 2016 – Present

    A concept of City Syndicate comes as an expression of our evolving interest in the multiplicity of urban phenomena and our own transformation in thinking about how can we improve our cities and make them more egalitarian and just. City syndicate aims to work toward building an inclusive platform for participation and collaboration in education, research, actions in and on the city which would include labor organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other groups and individuals who deal, or could potentially deal with issues which tend to affect population beyond the boundaries of their direct reference group. Also, it asks an organizational question and will attempt to explore the possibility of initiating and building an organization around these concerns and through alternative models.

    Team members:
  • Musical PostCards

    Starting April 2016 – January 2017

    Through an intercultural group experience of one week, the 50 youngsters will get some new skills, know-how on several specific and global topics: By experiencing different learning situations and methods especially non-formal, valuing the interaction between teenager. This project will be about deepening the participants thinking and analyzing skills and art practices by developing a common project about common topics: Real life environment and dreamed life environment; Work and money; Displacement and sedentary life; Dialogue, interaction, communication; The project will combine a music and sound collecting process done by the teenagers with the support of professionals in each country, the sending of the « Musical postcards », and several steps of music composition or sound designing, leaded by professional multi-skills musicians, using as well acoustic written music and other approaches.

    Team members:
  • Quintessence as Public Space

    Starting May 2017 – Present

    The nucleus of my exploration is ether as element of nature and its relation towards humans. Physics and mathematics debated and defined this space even in the pre-science age. Today, in 2017 humanity developed communication systems and overwebed the planet earth with signals and electronic impulses on different levels of the frequency spectrum. There are international legal rules and regulations for using of frequencies, but is frequency really a measure of this space? Who owns the quintessence, legally and economically? How much and for how long humans can exploit the ether? What are medical consequences?

    Team members:


  • Art Researcher

    Association for Culture and Art CRVENA
    January 2017 – Present

    The project trans-making aims to establish a multilateral network of research and innovation staff active in the fields of place-making/ place-based art activities as a space to create alternative narratives for social, economic and democratic renewal. It will investigate and experiment with place-making to contribute actively to the democratization/well-being of society. The final aim of trans-making will be to establish long term collaboration among the partners in order to have a scientific and innovative worldwide community devoted to the research, (including art-based research), innovation, education activity in the matters concerned by the project. Moreover, the proposed measures of the project will be conceived in order to have the widest possible impact of the society and new technologies.

  • Project Coordinator

    Association for Culture and Art – CRVENA
    March 2015 – Present

    Taking care for overall implementation of the project Cityology 3.0

  • Head of Administration and Radio

    Association for Culture and Art – CRVENA
    January 2013 – Present

    Coding and following up to date of the protocol of the administration of CRVENA.
    Production of radio reports and interviews for the Radio CRVENA Antena.

  • Interpreter for German and Bosnian language

    World Contact
    May 2008 – September 2010 (2 years 5 months) Gera Area, Germany

    Company for Interpretations “World Contact” from Gera, provided me with engagements where I interpreted conversations at German Courts and for the police on several occasions.

  • Public Relations Officer

    International Committee for Development of People from Italy – CISP
    October 2005 – January 2007 (1 year 4 months)

    Implementation of regional workshops on Youth Policy development.
    Supporting the implementation of the awareness raising campaigns.
    Support of the realization of the final conference of the Program.
    Video recording of the main Program activities.
    Supporting the work of the consultant in charge for the draft of the final Program document / Study on Youth policies at municipal level.
    Identification and implementation of the activities in support to youth association sector
    Reporting to Program Coordinator and Project Managers.

  • Chef of Administration and Personal

    Student eFM Radio
    March 2002 – February 2005 (3 years)

    Acting as the focal point for all incoming inquires;
    Taking care of the correspondence between the clients and the employer;
    Purchasing office supplies;
    Participating technical preparations of the morning radio show;
    Managing and maintaining radio library;
    Acting as manager of the eFM internet café;
    Producing the weekly radio show “Goodbye Bruce Lee III”.

  • Personal Assistant and Interpreter of the Representative

    International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
    April 1999 – September 2000 (1 year 6 months)

    Prepared and organized conferences, seminars and round table discussions gathering guests from both BiH and abroad;
    Accompanied and assisted Mr. Buxbaum in his travels within the SEE-region;
    Assisted in drafting the organization’s financial reports;
    Acted as the liaison officer;
    Assisted in development of the education curricula for the BiH and RS Trade Unions members;
    Acted as the focal point for all incoming inquires;
    Took care of the correspondence between the clients and the employer;
    Purchased office supplies;
    Provided written translation of the English and German related documents into the Bosnian, and vice versa;
    Provided oral interpretation from German to Bosnian, and vice versa;

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  1. Activist

    Association for Culture and Arts CRVENA
    May 2013 Arts and Culture

    Taking care for daily administrative duties in order to maintain technical, operational and administrative flow of the of the organization.

    Production of Radio interviews for Radio CRVENA Antena.

    Assisting to Irena Tomazin (Slovenian artists) to organize workshop “Voice as body, text and music

  2. Assistant of the executive producer

    Foundation CURE Sarajevo
    September 2007 – September 2007 (1 month) Arts and Culture

    Assisting the executive producer in conceptual, practical and artistic preparations for the theater play “Vagina monologues” in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade. This project was a part of the “PITCHWISE Festival 2007”

  3. Interpreter / Project assistant

    Arbeit und Leben Thueringen
    September 2006 – September 2006 (1 month) Education

    Seminar: Living and working conditions of women 10 years after the end of the war that enabled woman from Germany to talk to woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina about:

    The political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in international and European context;
    Role of women in politics and in public spaces;
    Political ties between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany;
    Correlation between social conditions and individual life and work situation of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina and woman in Germany;
    Women and Social Security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany;
    Family and Social Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Germany;
    Education and Education Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Germany;
    Equal opportunities policy and political participation of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Germany;
    Governmental and non-governmental women's organizations in Bosnia and their goals and activities;
    A relationship between state and religion;
    A multi ethnic coexistence in Bosnia

  4. Sound technician

    Foundation CURE Sarajevo
    September 2006 – September 2006 (1 month) Civil Rights and Social Action

    Sound recording for the Feminist Conference “78 Revisited” organized as a part of the Feminist Art Festival “PITCHWISE” in Sarajevo.

  5. Administrative Assistant

    Student Resource Centre SRCe Sarajevo
    May 2002 – February 2005 (2 years 10 months) Education

    Program which provides scholarships for the postgraduate students to enroll prominent European Universities:

    Cambridge, Oxford, Staffordshire, Central European University

    I acted as the focal point for the potential applicants, ensuring they are familiar with all terms, criteria and other facts relevant to the scholarship programs.

  6. Project Assistant

    Student Resource Centre SRCe
    March 2004 – September 2004 (7 months) Education

    Project Moja Karijera [My Career] was implemented in a cooperation between Student Resource Centre SRCe, World University Service and PRO Mente.

    Project provided both pedagogical and psychological advises to young people in order to facilitate their choice of education and profession

    I was in charge for Facilitating effective cooperation between the stakeholders, to ensure that the Student Resource Center, as one of them, successfully carries out its duties within the project.

  7. Spokesman of the working group

    Konrad Adenauer Foundation
    December 2004 – December 2004 (1 day) Politics

    Foundation Konrad Adenauer in cooperation with Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling organized from 03. to 06. 12. 2004 a Symposium “10 Years of Mediation in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

    My task was to present the conclusions of the working group: Youth and Peace Process

  8. Project Assistant

    Student eFM radio
    January 2003 – June 2003 (6 months) Civil Rights and Social Action

    Project Trokut 66 [Triangle 66] was founded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Sarajevo and implemented by Student eFM Radio.

    Project Triangle 66 consisted of: Round tables for representatives of Youth NGOs, youth branches of the political parties and student associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    I was in charge for coordination of entire events, including organization of the technical and administrative logistics in all stages – from invitation sending and venue planning to reports writing.

  9. Project Coordinator

    Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    November 2001 – May 2002 (7 months) Education

    German Trade Union Confederation – DGB and Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized Project “Organization of Trade Union Structures” in DGB Gewerkschaftshaus in Oberursel. Aim of the project was:

    Introducing Young Trade Unionists from Bosnia and Herzegovina with Youth Trade Union Structures in German Trade Union Confederation. My task within the project was: Designing of the operative strategy for the development of Youth Trade Union Structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  10. Co-founder of the Trade Union Youth Sector – SASO

    Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    September 2000 – May 2001 (9 months) Civil Rights and Social Action

    Organizing the funding assembly for the Youth Trade Unions
    Providing technical, organizational and advisory support to young
    trade unions;
    Assisting the drafting of program documents;
    Organizing advisory seminars for young Trade Union activists;
    Representing interests of Youth at the Trade Union Congress
    and achieved the official acceptance and respect of young worker
    interests at the level of the Trade Unions Confederation;
    Representing interests of young workers at several international
    conferences (eg. ICFTU Youth meeting Pieš'tani in Slovakia, 8-9 December 2000);

Honors, Scholarships & Awards

01.07.2017 Research Grant – “Quintessence as Public Space” by Commission of the European Union

02.11.2014 International jury selection award – “My most beautiful photography of Germany” by German Embassy in Sarajevo, BiH

25.09.2009 Honorable Recognition – Radio reportage „Gattschaft Bericht“ by Medienanstalt Sachsen-Anhalt

26.06.2008 Full Scholarship – Media Design Studies at Bauhaus University by Hans Böckler Foundation