Sonic Migrations

As part of the program Tandem Western Balkans, CRVENA and KotorArt implemented an experimental project #sonic _ migrations (…/sonic-migrations/) or ambient audio-visual installation based on topographic data from above sea level of hills surrounding Sarajevo and Kotor.

The entire work includes authentic forests of both cities, waves of the Adriatic Sea, the sound of water from the Čifta fountain in front of Gazi Husrev-beg mosque, typing of clock mechanisms of the sahat tower in Sarajevo and the old clock towers in front of Gazi Husrev-begov mosque, Kotoru as well as many other authentic acoustic backstages. On the left side there is a sound illustration of Sarajevo topography and on the right of Kotor, what is created in the field of phantom sound is our message. Take four minutes and listen to our experiment result. We recommend you use headphones.

Haris Sahacic: Special thanks to the team gathered in the program: Tandem, Crvena Association for Culture and Art, KotorArt, Gradionica, Gradionica staff Zavod za izgradnju Kantona Sarajevo, Qatastar Kotor, Zlatan Filipovic, Goran Gogash Jankovic, Sara Mandic, Alexandar Kaludjevic and many other friends…

Sonic migration is a sound installation based on topographic data of two cities, Kotor and Sarajevo. The project will acoustically fuse the two locations, and present authentic sounds of one city in soundscapes of the other, creating an opportunity to sonically migrate into an artistically created acoustic reality.