Sonitus spiritus urbicus

Radio performance “Quintessence as public space” will include a variety of audio and visual installations that will illustrate measurements of signal transmissions and human reactions.


In order to acoustically illustrate the sounds of public space that can not be heard by human ears but can be registered with help of special equipment, for the beginning as a short introduction to the topic, following sounds where recorded in Ljubljana:

Wireless router in Ljubljana

Traffic light taster in Ljubljana

Traffic light in Ljubljana

Taster for the ramp in Ljubljana

Street lamp in Ljubljana

Standing ramp in Ljubljana

Small street lamp in Ljubljana

Self-opening doors sensor in Ljubljana

Self-opening doors in Ljubljana

Old electric plant transformer 110000V in Ljubljana

Old electric plant transformer 400V in Ljubljana

Old electric plant transformer 230V in Ljubljana

Old_electric_plant_radio-transmitter in Ljubljana

Old electric plant batteries in Ljubljana

Box for the electrification of traffic lights in Ljubljana

Big street lamp in Ljubljana

Big street lamp electrification box in Ljubljana

ATM in Ljubljana

Advertising street box in Ljubljana

Over the  next two years, an online scientific research application will be designed in order to enable continuous collecting and systematical presentation of the “Sound-anthropology” of Ljubljana as one interactive timeline composition that starts with soundscape of pure nature and ends as a “sight” of sounds of present days technological interactions.