Quintessential radio talks

The scientific element of the radio performance “Quintessence as public space” consists of audio recorded conversations with a variety of people directly or indirectly acting within the field of Physics, Neurology, Psychology, Technology, Communications, Biology, Ecology and who can comment on the advantages or disadvantages of present situation and potential  future developments.

The idea is to bring up some new scientific and artistic questions, observations and aspects basically related to the Interactions between human neurons and wireless signal transmissions in the public space.



  • Economy of electricity and technological development;
  • Economy of technological development based on signal transmissions;
  • Challenges and risks of future development;
  • Areas of the most intense effects of wireless technology;
  • Investments in own production of infrastructure for the development of wireless technology;
  • Parameters for monitoring success of the development;


  • Democracy in defining the need for technological solutions;
  • What after the achievement of the peak of the need for technological solutions;
  • Ethics and moral issues in the context of wireless system network management;
  • The level of democracy on the market for management of the use of ether;
  • Interests of institutional stakeholders for the management of ether;
  • Who measures ether?
  • How much costs the technology for use of ether?
  • Who is controlling the physical content of the wireless systems technology?
  • “Public space” from Hz to THz broadcast;


  • Social impacts of public communications that are unthinkable without ether;
  • „Sound anthropology“ as cultural matter;
  • How “public” is ether as legal category;
  • Space as social/cultural/political abstraction;
  • Virtual communication as milestone of the world limited by laws of nature only;
  • Political protection strategy from the aural perception deviations brought by technology;
  • From Free WiFi to WiFi Free Zones;


  • Impacts of technological frequencies;
  • Technological noise and work;
  • How to determine healthcare for working with technology?
  • A strategy for political protection against health deviations caused by technology;
  • Feeling signals by the synaptic web;
  • Evaluation parameters of the music therapy in psychiatric clinic;
  • Concentration problems as consequence of WIFI transmissions;
  • Etheric music and music of ether;


  • Apparatus for perceiving and measuring ether;
  • Natural purpose of ether;
  • Frequency behavior in controlled circumstances;
  • Infinite continuum of the frequency;
  • Ether spheres as properties of nature;
  • Acoustic properties of spheres of ether;
  • Ether as bridge for interaction between humans and sensors;
  • Function of ether as natural recycling system for sounds and generator of infinite white noise;
  • Physics of sound;


  • Bats and modern communication systems;
  • Animal sensing of the frequency specter;
  • Principals of animal orientation in space;
  • Possible deviations of animal orientation with regard to modern technology;


  • Geology and shapes of ether;
  • Does sound creates earthquakes or earthquakes create sound;
  • Stability of ether spheres around the earth;
  • Claiming ether as territory;
  • Frequentium as indicator of space;


  • Political, legal and ethical formalization of the Quintessence;


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowka-Curie grant agreement n°734855.

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