Low frequency noise that is created by the city tram at the location between Stup and Ilidža tram stations is additionally influencing the peacefulness and quietness of this part of the town which is already enough covered by highway noise. This makes the place perfect for one public space intervention that aims to tune the city noise by public space instrument.


Shshshshshshshshs SKETCH
shshshshshshshshshshshsh floorplan by author

Shshshshshshshshshshshsh is a concept for the creation of one public space instrument that is consisting of sound isolators (wooden material) that are acoustically, architecturally, aesthetically, and mathematically designed and placed. At the same time this instrument uses the “low frequency noise” as movement that is channeled trough above explained acoustical system in order to create – with recycled aluminum particles – the relaxing sound of white noise compositions. Shshshshshshshshshshshsh will trasform the low frequency noise and create high frequency sound that is similar to the waves of the sea.

Problem of noise is not existing in any official urban planning document in the City of Sarajevo since Sarajevo was founded, this problem need to be identified jet, need to be “heard” jet. The problem is that there is in fact “no noise problem in the City of Sarajevo”.

Sound and all noises that citizens hear all day long, all their life, influence the quality of their life, citizen perceive noise, sub- or conscientiously, sonic pollution is much bigger problem of urban areas than the pollution of visual aesthetic of urban life by billboards or pornography because citizens perceive visual aesthetics with their eyes and sound is perceived by whole body, in fact there is no disclosure from sound.

If people do not “see” the problem it does not mean that problem is not existing. Shshshshshshshshshshshsh is just trying to suggest one method how problem can be, at least, with help of art in public space, controlled.