Haris Sahačić was born in Sarajevo on 05.05.1977. In year 2011 he graduated fine arts studying media design at the Faculty of Media of the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Fields of his studies were experimental radio, interface design, cosmographies and cosmopolitanism. He received scholarship for his studies from Bauhaus University in Weimar and from Hans Boeckler Foundation. As author of numerous radio performances, features, radio dramas, radio art concepts, sound essays, art critics and poetry books in German and in Bosnian language, Haris Sahačić is working as Head of Administration and Radio of the Association for Culture and Art CRVENA, he is member of the Radio initiative and proud citizen of NSK State.

Haris Sahačić cooperates with Student eFM radio from Sarajevo and with Radio F.R.E.I from Erfurt. For his work „Gattschaft Bericht“ he and his team received on 25th September 2009 by Medienanstalt Sachsen-Anhalt  a Honorable mention. On 18th November 2014, at the foto-competition „My best picture of Germany“, International jury of the German Embassy in Sarajevo gave to his photography the most votes. He is living and working in Sarajevo.

Since June 2017 he is conducting a research on “Quintessence as public space” that is funded by Commission of EU and implemented in one close cooperation with SRC SAZU.