1977 – Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
1997 – Bundeshandelsschule in Völkermarkt, Austria – Office Administrator
2011 – Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, Germany – Media Designer
2008 – Scholarship for Studies of Media Design – Hans Böckler Stiftung
2017 – Research grant: “Quintessence as Public Space” – European Commission
2009 – Honorable mention – Medienanstalt Sachsen-Anhalt
2014 – Embassy of Federal Republic Germany in Sarajevo – Foto-competition 2014
2015 – The Federal Chancellary of Austria – SHARE Too Much History MORE Future
2001 – Requiem for the tears of Bohemians
Cyclus of 90 poetical radio-phonic miniatures “Requiem for the tears of Bohemians” is a sonic and poetic flow of thoughts where semantic sameness is conceptualized. At the same time it is a minimalist insight into detailed brightness of poets experience of his environment, topics that are occupying him and messages that have not been written, but more protruding from the space between the lines, messages that are remarked by incompleteness which represents anchors of the memories and opens the doors for the contemplation of listeners in order to inspire them to explore their own imagination and intuition. Poetical incompleteness is intentional and in a electro-acoustic sense, composition of sounds is aiming to present emotional stands and internal processes inside which poetry has been created.
2008 – Three Warlocks
Cycles of  44 poetical radio miniatures named “Three Warlocks” is a collection of radio-phonic miniatures where brunt of the artistic intervention is on sound concepts and electro-acoustic composition of concrete sounds. Architecture of the sound has tendency to create various acoustic situations in order to lead the listeners into the intuitive spaces of acousmatic artistic expression and by that strengthen the intuitive dimension of the poetry.
2010 – Around our necks remained the grip of wars
Cycles of radio-poetical essays “Around our necks remained a grip of wars” is an sonic and poetic flow of thoughts where brunt of the artistic intervention is placed on designing of the metaphor of the content. Author is artificially closed into his own world, by describing the substance, he is describing the environment. Environment that surrounds him and that he is rejecting. He is taking revenge because this environment has rejected him. Author sinks in his search for reasons of that rejection. Memories, injustices, conscience, insults… lead him to the indifference towards the environment and towards himself, his revenge does not hurt him, it does not hurt the environment. That revenge stays like a fence and a symbol of demarcation, symbol in which does not exist space for forgiveness, no pursuing, no adopting, no struggle, no integration. There is only rejection, wastage, mutual blackmail by denial of the self, as author to his environment so the environment to the author. In a complex this cycles is an attempt of metaphoric presentation of the relation between Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2013 – One for all against One
“One for all against One” is one pseudo-philosophical deconstruction of profound cultural processes that are questioning the substantial diversities. Project is poetically redefining (g)lokal dimension and understanding of the culturally stereotyped „essence“ of terms like: ignorance, childism, uninlightment, honesty, rashness, injustice, stupidity, alternative, power, consequence, loneliness, measures, revenge, forlornness… 
As format, radio-phonic critical essay is based on the deconstruction and analysis of art work aiming to present its intertextuality, aesthetic and semiotic communication. Questioning of the relation of elements of the work of art with its holistic dimension or message represents one unique and subjective path into the understanding of the mediality of artistic work, its relation towards public, discourses of the aesthetic of the contemporaneity, and its public impact.
2010 – “On the path” from  Jasmila Žbanić
2010 – “Surprise” – Installation from Lejla Čehajić
2010 – „Kitchen too small for Tango“ from Nermin Aganović
2010 – When I die you can do what you want from Adela Jušić
2011 – „Female President“ from Lana Čmajčanin
2011 – “In the land of Blood and Honey” from Angelina Jolie
2014 – “The Cycles” from Srđan Golubović
 2005 – Radio in square
Participants in this three-national pilot project were primarily students from various areas of concentration involved in local radio projects. The four corners of the square in which the project was situated were as follows: historical consideration; the media- and radio-policy dimension; intercultural exchange; partnerships and networking. In the first phase of the project in Erfurt, attention centered around a discussion of common standards of quality in journalistic work. In Limoges, on the other hand – and particularly following the visit to the memorial in Oradour-sur-Glane – the group assigned an important role to the concrete experience of war, and to ways of dealing with war guilt. In Sarajevo, there was a great deal of discussion about the history and current situation of Sarajevo, for instance through meetings with former combatants and representatives of EUFOR. In each phase of the exchange, the young people worked together in three-lingual teams to produce a three-lingual radio show. These productions were broadcast by participating radio stations.
2008 – PitchWise Festival
Radio feature that artistically enters into the contemporaneity of the contemporaneity of artistic thinking, transferring the substance of the content of the feminism. Radio feature is poetically documenting the flows of thinking of young feminist artists about them selves as well as about the environment that surrounds inspires, blocks, designs them…
2013 – Radio RED Antenna
Radio RED Antenna is an answer to all people who claim that free thinking feminist souls have nothing to say. To all people who perceive women only by their optical senses and who shut down their acoustic perception. To all people who do not know how to braise the beauty of the universal and timeless taught. Radio RED Antenna is an web-radio initiative that is representing an channel for all the activists gathered around all projects of the Association for Culture and Arts CRVENA. This free and independent public communication channel is also an playground for artistic experiments with sound, voice, music, drama, performing… Radio RED Antenna is honored to be able to invite all free souls to participate in this game that can and will lead to the creation of new social values and to better understanding of feminism, activism, liberty, time-space-gravity, arts and of contemporaneity it self.
2012 – Bring In Take Out – Interview with Belma Bećirbašić
2012 – Bring In Take Out – Interview with Irena Tomažin
2012 – Bring In Take Out – Interview with Lala Raščić
2013 – Matrix of Nature – Interview with Sahačić Haris
2013 – Voicing Sound Performance
2014 – Days of Architecture 2014
2014 – The marked ones – PitchWise Festival 2014
2014 – Vahida Maglajlić – Interview with Alija Maglajlić
2014 – Where to rest – Mayday Radio Reveille
The series “Where to rest (Mayday radio Reveille)” is radio-reminder on today's abandoned and devastated workers’ holiday resorts of working people and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The series offers one declarative insight into the locations and accommodation capacities of workers resorts on the Adriatic coast. 50 workers resorts that are presented belong to “working organizations” from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since the author has a long-standing aversion to everything that today represents “marketing” behind which usually does not stand even the essence nor the whole, this serial gives up all artistic interventions characteristics for marketing campaigns of present days and presents to those who have no place to rest the essence of what they do have and at same time do not have as option. This radio informance aesthetically borders with radio reportage, interview and performance, interlocutors who are also collaborators and veterans of the labor movement of BiH are Dr. Ramo Atajić and Bejto Kačar. The story of the workers’ holiday resorts presented in this way is only the beginning of the research that will be undertaken in the future, of course if enthusiasm stays and if money finds the way to fall onto right hands.
2015 – Sound of Timeless Architecture
2015 – 1st Sarajevo Festival of Street Art – Interview with Boriša Mraović
2015 – Neighborhood Days – Interview with Prof. Dr. Nerzuk Ćurak
2015 – Factory of Memories – Interview with Tijana Okić
2015 – 1st Sarajevo Festival of Street Art – Interview with Lejla Čehajić
2015 – 1st Sarajevo Festival of Street Art – Eiffel's Bridge Percussion
2015 – First time on Elections – Story of Halima
2016 – Blackout Radio
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Alipašino polje
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Crni Vrh
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Franca Lehara
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Pofalići
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Vijećnica
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Vratnik
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Public Dinner
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Power of the third age
2016 – Neighborhood Days – Power of the third age II
2016 – Interview with members of the organization KURS – ACTOPOLIS Belgrade
2016 – Interview with Angelika Fitz – ACTOPOLIS Sarajevo
2016 – CRVENA & hART_art in public space
2016 – Crvena Antena_Radio Jingle_Bosnian
2016 – Interview with Lars Moritz – ACTOPOLIS Oberhausen
2016 – Interview with Marie Luise O Byrne Brandl – ACTOPOLIS Oberhausen
2016 – Interview with Caspar Wimberley – ACTOPOLIS Oberhausen
2016 – Interview with Dirk Schlichting – ACTOPOLIS Oberhausen
2016 – Interview with We Are Visuals – ACTOPOLIS Oberhausen
This radio-phonic format includes beside narration also o-sound, music and electro-acoustic compositions of sounds as instrument by which individual and subjective perception of the relation between the author and listeners is additionally shaped.
 2009 – “Some things”
2009 – Along the street of friendship
2009 – The money
2009 – Chess play with the devil
2009 – A life without the “back”
2009 – The spirit of the leader
2009 – The soul of the meta-concept
2010 – The duel
2010 – The spirit of War
2010 – Temple of Peace
2010 – Loneliness
2010 – A dream
2010 – Intransigence of timelessness
2010 – 1977
2010 – Mediality of the fear
2010 – Cynical rhapsody
2010 – 888
2010 – The Haters
2010 – The Break
2010 – The local community
2010 – Subjectivity of objectivity
2010 – The Sphere
2010 – Cosmopolitanism within “us”
2014 – The truth is slowly losing on credibility
2014 – Soundology of the City and the Citiology of Sound
2014 – The Probabeler Stockholmer
2014 – 1%
2014 – Disease between point A and point B
2014 – 300 of powerful poor
2014 – The evil itself
2014 – The scope of the freedom of choice
2014 – The sea on the moon
2014 – Under the glass dome of exploitation
2014 – The weight of the angle
2014 – The talented slaves of the national pride
2014 – Annual rings of dislocation
2014 – Stench of the mentality
2014 – Sence of wholeness
2014 – The non-violent aggression
2014 – The face of the darkness
2014 – Sys.error in the industry of culture
2015 – The multicultural man will do nothing
2015 – Amaterism is not dead
2015 – Hell  is the root of heaven
2015 – Census of the copied
2015 – Whatever you are, I'm surely not
2015 – Dignity of the misery
2015 – Towards carefulness
2015 – Adaptation to the context
2015 – Measure for the hardness
2015 – The copyright on the moment
2015 – Sound of time
2015 – Greedy hypocrisiacs
2015 – Contraevolution
2015 – “V”
2015 – Quit Pro Quo
2015 – Age of Stupidity
2015 – Distorsion of orgin
2015 – Balkanalisation
2015 – The right to the will
2015 – Self attack of vanity
2015 – If there is no bread, eat the advertising
2015 – Quasiland
2015 – Planktonism
2015 – Silence of selfishness
2015 – A nook for the acoustical wee
2015 – Island of sonic imagination
2015 – Throne of twiceness
2015 – Incitysation
2015 – Selbstbearschung
2016 – Men in chaos
2016 – Multiculti deserter
2016 – Symptom
2016 – Autopsy of the soul
2016 – War by disgraces
2016 – Birocrasy of the big pac
2016 – Mentality of the Archenemy
2016 – Social Circling
2016 – Invoice for Nothing from the arbitrary year
2016 – Clownocrasy
2016 – X % of folks and the rest one's
2016 – Economy of the concentration camp
2016 – The silence of jurists
2016 – Collectivity of victims of the collectivity of victims…
2016 – The generation of those who immersed in love
2016 – Dictatorship of relativisators
2016 – Squalorcracy
2016 – Society of sociopaths
2017 – Nature: … until you are under my roof…
2017 – Is zero even or odd number?
2017 – All that my dear, will cover globalization, liberalization and capital…
2017 – 0 – Sound
2017 – The pyramid of pastisating
2017 – Privatization of the Universe
2017 – Mythos on fame
2017 – Eaven the sun is always in darkness
2017 – Crescendo in the golden ratio
2017 – Ljubljɘna
Experiment PARA/SYMPATIKUS RADIO LOGIKUS is an artistic project that treats human nervous system as an “sub-conscious composer” or sound filtering interface. Experiment is based on basic facts of the medicine and explores the phenomenon of the “Goose bumps” (lat. Cutis anserina)
2008 – Qi RadioLOGIC
The experiment Qi radio logic is primarily an artistic project, that considers human meridian system as a tone filter interface. Qi RadioLOGIC is based on solid principles of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. According to theories of acupuncture Qi is often translated as energy or function, this energy it is directly connected with the life processes and manifestations of life. Experiment Qi RadioLOGIC uses modern methods for recording frequencies of Qi. Each person has 12 meridians and Qi, which flows in the meridians in the body can be measured. Experiment Qi RadioLOGIC uses recorded Qi frequencies of 12 meridians, and processes them further physically as the 12 tones. The focus of the experiment is exploring the emotional impact of individual perception of the music.
2011 – Geosonic Horizons
The mountain heights around us are oscillating. The horizons are overlapping like amplitude values in an sound composition. From point to point the amplitude of the mountain heights determines our vision of the distances. The experiment “Geosonic horizons” is an electro-acoustic essay. The goal is an auditory representation of mountain ranges that lie around Sarajevo. The experiment “Geosonic horizons” is primarily an artistic project which because of the accuracy and authenticity uses scientific standards, measurements, data and logical calculations. It is a mathematical game with geodesic values that leads into the world of the physical processing of sound.
2011 – Friendly football-game
Electro-acoustic sound installation created during the football fans street fight, composition of sounds that sound similar, have same physical characteristics but also have opposite meaning and opposite sources, The river, people and cars sound like a white noise in the soundscape, sound of birds, sound of police whistle, sound of stones hitting into the metal plates, sound of car ties… fuse and create an composition. Some people hear police whistle, some people hear birds…
2012 – Soundly-poetic walk trough Sarajevo
Sonic walk trough Sarajevo sets the listener into the realistic hearing field of the person that walks trough the streets of Sarajevo. Person that has surrealistic sonic and poetic perception of his environment. This surrealistic perception is added to the overall soundscape of Sarajevo by spoken words and concrete sounds compositions.
2012 – Thoughts of transmitter
Three stories, told in one voice. Short sentences that are opening the way for three flows of thoughts, each thought is by deconstruction, separated from the context and represent ex-courses within an discourse. At the end, listeners can – while they are caching fragments of specific flow of thoughts – get some kind of idea on what is holistically going on. At the same time everybody will very hardly be able to say what is the content of each separate story. To hear all and not to know anything.
2013 – Sound cards from „Kazani, Skakavac…“
Sonic-card is Sound-post-card. An attempt to represent as much as possible realistic the specific real acoustic situation. Electro-acoustic sound composition that sets the listeners into the sonic wold of ants. What ants hear hear also the listener. Same perspective, same feeling.
2014 – The Agony
„Agony“ as feeling, subjective in its very own spirit, present as in sub- but also in conscience as well. In one close correlation with human cognition and self-understanding. In one correlation with collectivistic thought. Conceptual, contextual, individual.
2015 – Architecture of time – Okinawa Warriors Sound-Performance – Hvar
Noise- & DJ- & Radioartist mix LIVE Performance (Hrvoslava Brkusic & Mieko Suzuki & Haris Sahacic) on island of Hvar in Croatia.
2015 – Sound of Timeless Architecture
One acoustical event mixed by Haris Sahačić and microphonized by 14 microphones thanks to Schneider TM, Alyssa Moxley, Antonino Pedone, Krysia Kordecki, Nenad Kovačić, Ksenija Ladić, Toni Dimitrov, Anna Bogner, Suzuki Mieko, Tit Podobnik, Hrvoslava Brkušić and Boris Vidošević and Vilma Vodanović.
2016 – Peace to you – Part of our Dada Sound project
Papst Franziskus visit to Sarajevo was definitely „the event“ of the year 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Security measures where on the highest possible level and all together created a specific atmosphere in the town that remembers sounds of war very well. This field recording is one collage of sounds that are conceptually symbolizing social and political events of the past of this particular place. To me it was one – probably unwanted – public sound event with one conceptual message.
2016 – Prettiest train – Cities and Memories Project
2017 – The Architecture of Metaphony
Sound composition generated by algorithm of blood pressure and heart beats measurements.
 2003 – Pressure of the silence
Clockwork of the day life, circumstances that lead to “big bang”, no one cares, no one understands, no one controls emotions, no one hears the other.
2004 – Schelajgam
Story of Shelajgam is an experimental radio narration where author is telling the story only by soundscapes, electro-acoustic sound compositions and dramatization. Without  voice.
2004 – Schermisana
Story of Shermisana is an experimental radio narration. An apocalyptic situation. At the end of the world, devil leave two woman alive in order to tempt their love to each other. A specific love. Love that is generated out of nothing, or out of circumstances “of life” that naturally have nothing to do with the extension of the human race… Two woman with one task, to find love for the sake of love…
2005 – “The Emperor's New Clothes”
Satiric adaptation of the famous fairy tale “The Emperor's New Clothes” settled in a brand new context. Story that criticize – by capitalism created – brand new social relations between hungry people, trough vanity blinded politicians and socially blinded artists.
2005 – “Gulliver's Travels”
Satiric adaptation of the famous fairy tale “Gulliver's Travels” settled in a new context. This adaptation deals with a great problem of the post-war society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dayton Peace Agreement was signed and Annex 7 of that Agreement foresees that all refugees return back home. This adaptation is questioning sensitivity of the relation between people who stayed and people who escaped. System of valuation of something like “respect” is highly influenced by this one particular fact or question, who was where, during the war? This is the story about the wall and consequences of the wall between those who where refugees and those who never had that experience.
2005 – “Fox and the stork”
Satiric adaptation of the famous fairy tale about the “fox and the stork” settled in the context of the Sarajevo day life. This adaptation plays with social tendencies present in the micro-world of gossips. Gossip is accepted as an specific sub-cultural reality which is characteristic for coloratura of Sarajevo. Gossip and its purpose is opening the dimension for defining of public relations. Gossip is an impulse that opens space for the answer in a same manner. Gossiping is creating its own context and can be used for the defining of interpersonal relations. If transported, these interpersonal relations can be considered as basis of the social life. This kind of the society can be defined as a society founded on the vanity.
2005 – Ours and theirs
“Ours and theirs” is a short radio drama that plays with identities, aiming to present and trivialize the substance of one average news story that is repeating in Bosnian media reality constantly. Matrix of the substance stays the same, only identities change. What happens when substantives get the places of identities.
2007 – “Every man is an island”
2008 – The day of warning
2008 – The Parisian homeless
2008 – The silence of Weimar
2008 – The soil of freedom
2008 – Colors of darkness
2008 – Mr Chaos
2008 – The wife
2009 – Fissuration report
Fissuration report is a innovative format for radio reporting, format that represents subjective reflection of the social perception. Space outside which is generated the expression between the perception of the influence of the surroundings and the emotion that is created by the influence of the surrounding inside the author. Point of view is not based on scientifically provable facts, point of view is based on the subjectivity of author. Fissuration report reflects in auditive sense medial environment and, psychological stand in which author is creating.
2009 – Sarajevo defends Walter
Radio drama “Sarajevo defends Walter” opens and in a way deconstruct several scientific hypotheses and by that creates an “impossible” connection between areas or disciplines of radio, psychology and social communication systems. Radio drama is looking for answer on the question. What would happen if the world would hear my thoughts? Listeners are getting an insight into an imaginative system of the communication where main actor is getting the role of the transmitter of thoughts.
2010 – Rumors about …
2011 – City of equality
2011 – Touches of the interior distances
A creation that speaks about the causes and internal states that are leading to the creation, a radio essay by which author opens doors of  self-understanding of his own inside reality, humanity, art, lies, ethics… and gives to the listener an insight into the universe that is existing inside the author.
2015 – The crumb
 2006 – The cruelty of truth
At the beginning it was the taught, emotion that afterwards became letter, letter created words, words that created meaning and the shape, shape that framed color between each letter, shape become matrix that created symbols, symbols created sounds and sounds created melody. At the end all that created mark in the space, time and the gravity.
2010 – Beauty of love
Painting is in fact an view trough the prism, prism that breaks light on places where letters of the poetic taught fuse.
2010 – Prozess: Sarajevo – Weimar
The route from Sarajevo to Weimar presented as an installation in a form of the labyrinth. Labyrinth that consists of documents. Visually, the Installation is a room filled with systematically and eclectic organized documents printed on transparent folio in order to create an insight into the matrix of letters, words, lines, forms… Room where only red thread and letters can be seen. Aim is to mediate the feeling of the claustrophobia and to explore the medium of the administrative power. This installation consists also from an electro-acoustic sound composition that is additionally underlining visual impression.
2015 – Wall mural “Options”
Chaos generated in order to provoke form or shape or sense, was the conceptual idea behind. Visually the mural generated several forms that suggestively appear only from a distant point of view.
2015 – Fontity
2015 – Screenisation of Subjectivisation
2015 – Shooting Messengers
2009 – Clockwork of the civilization
Today, we are unfortunately witnesses of great conflicts of different civilizations or better to say, different cultural identities. This cultural identities are very often misused trough spinned media communication strategies in order to be inspiration and/or justification for future wars. One very plausible example for such an conflict is a political agony of three major cultures in Bosnia and Herzegovina today. Political history in Bosnia and Herzegovina left in the heads of new generations great walls of hate. As a result of this situation new generations are becoming more and more hostages of „their own“ cultural past. This situation reflects on all segments of public life and at the same time it is an nucleus for development of policies that are underlining cultural differences as negative elements. National purity is becoming more and more political tendency and values of cosmopolitanism are becoming in public space defamed. Epic is conceptually using sound elements and tools of the traditions of cultural identities or actors that are involved in the (hi)story and create a harmony. With help of the historical chronology listeners can hear the story of life of Sarajevo.
2010 – Chronicle of the darkness
Project alternately includes news paper headlines from two rubrics of one newspaper that in Bosnia and Herzegovina is published on daily basis. The Black chronic and Actualities. In the sonic sense difference is notable only because headlines from the black chronicle are whispered and the headlines from the rubric actualities are spoken in OFF. The difference of the content is almost not existing. Project aims to represent the darkness of the actuality.
2012 – Curses of our days
Sound installation is in fact a collection of curses found in literature and used mostly in Balkans. From the most known curses from the ancient times until today, people curse and curses become somehow day life.
2009 – Me in mosaic of my mee's
Project “Me in mosaic of my mee's” is an visual essay. An attempt to visually answer on the question: how many I lives in me? Answer is  ∞
2010 – Sound mural
In the beginning it was an free hand drawing in accordance to the mood of the painter oscillating line, line shaped circles, circles become borders and borders shaped labyrinth. Every border got color in accordance to the spectrum of the rainbow. By mathematical calculation colors become sounds. Project is an sonic presentation of how the painted labyrinth sounds.
2011 – Radio DEMONstrations
Paroles conceptualized and contextualized for contemporaneity of the time, space, gravity of social relations and harmony of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
 2013 – The code
2016 – Sarajevo Album – ACTOPOLIS
Sound composition that was composed to be a dynamical canvas for a creation of the visual representation of the project Sarajevo album.
2016 – Building a new city – Oberhausen – ACTOPOLIS
LIVE sound performance that was my contribution to efforts of people who gave their best in order to create new perspectives on urban life in Oberhausen. I had a great pleasure to meet and to speak with; Marie-Luise O’Byrne-Brandl, Kaspar Wimberley, Dirk Schlichting, Lars Moritz, Marc Einsiedel, Felix Jung, Ester Pilkington, Daniel Ladnar. I recorded, edited and performed best parts of interviews and presented all that in public in one live radio reportage mixing performance in Oberhausen.
2017 – Actopolis Sarajevo Exhibition – City of Sounds
Acousmatic composition “City of sounds” is one presentation of sounds that where collected during the previous phase of the realization of the project ACTOPOLIS. Participating cities sent the sounds recordings and Haris Sahačić created this soundscape performance set that is exhibited in premises of the Historical museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina as one 5.1 sound installation. This is just the stereo mix-down. Recording: Actopolis Cities (Sarajevo, Belgrade, Bucharest, Oberhausen, Hamburg, Athens, Zagreb…)